Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping Services

Cook Surveying & Associates provides UAV/Drone surveying and mapping services. Our methods of collecting survey data using UAV are dramatically faster than traditional survey methods. With our data collection and delivery streamlined through drone operations and Drone Cloud, we provide a cost-effective and safe method of obtaining high-quality aerial mapping and topographic survey data.

Our techniques are based on standard survey principles and with the addition of traditional, ground-based GPS systems we are able to create accurate terrain models as well as extremely high definition imager of the entire structure.

Certified FAA’s Part 107 Pilot – Commercial FAA Drone Registered

UAV’S/Drone Survey Services

• As-Built Surveys

• Hydrographic Boundary Surveys

• Bare Earth Modeling

• Photogrammetric 3D Mapping and Modeling

• Topographic Survey and Modeling

• Utility Design / Corridors

• Transmission Location / Mapping

• Distribution Location / Mapping

Data Types Gathered

• Ortho – Mosaic

• Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

• Digital Surface Model (DSM)

• Volumetric

• Contour and Topographic Mapping

• 3D Visualization

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ILI Tracking

Drone Mapping

Hydrographic Surveying