Hydrographic Surveying

Hydrographic Surveying Services

Cook Surveying & Associates provides hydrographic surveying services to profile stream, river or lake bottoms. Real-Time Kinematic Differential Global Positioning Systems (RTK-DGPS) in conjunction with the Seafloor Hydrolite-TM system is used to provide centimeter-accurate vertical and horizontal data.

Hydrographic sonar equipment emits a sound that travels to the bottom of the body of water and then bounces back to the sounder at the surface; the delay in the sounds’ return to the surface is translated into water depth. Hydrographic Surveys provide clients with an accurate relief map of the pond bed, lake bed, river bed, or other areas of interest.

• GPS Antenna

• Dredged Materials Volume Calculation

• Marina Management

• Transducer

• Pipeline River and Lake Crossings

• Volumetric Calculations

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Hydrographic Surveying

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