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Step into the world of Cook Surveying & Associates through our portfolio, where we proudly showcase a diverse array of projects spanning the realms of land surveying, engineering, and safety. 

Each project represents a testament to our dedication to precision, professionalism, and delivering results that exceed expectations. We invite you to discover the remarkable work that defines Cook Surveying & Associates.

our Pipeline Surveys projects

Pipeline survey projects are a vital component of our portfolio, demonstrating our expertise in the field. Our surveys encompass everything from the initial construction phase to ongoing integrity management. We employ cutting-edge technology and rigorous safety protocols to ensure precise data collection and adherence to regulatory standards. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, our pipeline survey projects play a pivotal role in optimizing infrastructure and ensuring the safe and reliable transportation of vital resources. Explore our pipeline survey projects to witness the meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence that define Cook Surveying & Associates.

• Ruby Pipeline – As-built survey for 295 miles of 42” natural gas pipeline in WY, UT, and NV

• Rock Springs to Wamsutter Overthrust – Design and as-built survey for 78 miles of 36” natural gas pipeline in WY

• Southern Expansion Main Line 40 – Phase I and II of design and as-built survey for 60 miles of 24” natural gas pipeline in UT

• Main Line 104 – Design and as-built survey for 80 miles of 24” natural gas pipeline in UT

• Main Line 122 – Design and as-built for 27 miles of 36” pipeline in WY

• Rockies Expansion – As-built surveys for 92 miles of 24” and 30” natural gas pipeline

• Plains – As-built survey for 55 Miles of 16” liquid oil line

Our Civil engineering projects

Our civil engineering projects stand as a testament to our commitment to designing and developing the infrastructure that shapes our communities. From roadways and bridges to utility systems and site development, our portfolio showcases a diverse range of civil engineering endeavors. Each project embodies our dedication to sustainable design, technical precision, and innovative solutions that enhance functionality and safety. Our civil engineering expertise ensures that projects not only meet current needs but are also built to withstand the challenges of the future. Explore our civil engineering projects to witness how Cook Surveying & Associates contributes to building resilient and thriving communities.

• ATS Word Headquarters: Site Development and Design

• Mountaineer Express Pipeline: Scope Stability and Analysis

• Union Pacific: Orden Maintenance Yard Design

• Epcon: Cribbing and Anchor Design

Our ili tracking services Projects

Our In-Line Inspection (ILI) tracking services projects are at the forefront of pipeline integrity management. Through advanced technology and meticulous data analysis, we provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring pipeline conditions. From the initial deployment of tracking devices to ongoing analysis of ILI data, our projects ensure the safety and efficiency of pipeline systems. These projects exemplify our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards, delivering actionable insights, and safeguarding critical infrastructure. Explore our ILI tracking services projects to see how Cook Surveying & Associates contributes to the longevity and reliability of pipeline networks. survey projects are a vital component of our portfolio, demonstrating our expertise in the field. Our surveys encompass everything from the initial construction phase to ongoing integrity management.

• Sub-Centimeter Survey and AGM placement for 546 miles located in AL, CA, CO, ID, IL, KS, MO, MN, ND, OK, TX, UT, and WA

• Sub-Centimeter Survey of existing AGM’s for 202 miles AL, CA, CO, ID, IL, KS, MO, MN, ND, OK, TX, UT, and WA

• Tracking – ILI Inspection PIG Tracking for 1,721 miles in AL, CA, CO, ID, IL, KS, MO, MN, ND, OK, TX, UT and WA

Our engineering surveys Projects

Our engineering survey projects are a testament to our proficiency in delivering precise and data-driven solutions. We excel in capturing the critical spatial data required for various engineering applications. From construction and design surveys to energy, mining, and utility projects, our portfolio showcases a diverse range of engineering endeavors. Our surveys are characterized by technical precision, adherence to safety standards, and a deep understanding of engineering requirements. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and our team’s expertise, we ensure that each project contributes to efficient, safe, and successful engineering outcomes. Explore our engineering survey projects to witness how Cook Surveying & Associates adds value to complex engineering ventures.

• Saratoga / Eagle Mountain PLSS survey for Right-of-Way creation

• Scare Canyon, UT Boundary surveys for Pipeline Right-of-Way Documentation

• Barrick Gold Mineral Surveys & Mining Claims

• Town of Bear River, WY waterline design and construction survey

• Molycorp “Project Phoenix” QA/QC for construction surveys and site development Mountain Pass, CA

• Langley Gulch Meter Station Land Acquisition

• Highway Right-of-Way Surveys for Wyoming Department of Transportation

Our electrical corridor surveys Projects

Our electrical corridor survey projects are a crucial aspect of ensuring the reliability and safety of power transmission and distribution systems. These surveys involve comprehensive assessments of electrical corridors, encompassing everything from vegetation encroachment analysis to equipment inspection. By employing advanced technology and precise data collection methods, our projects contribute to maintaining uninterrupted power supply. Our focus on safety, compliance with industry regulations, and a commitment to minimizing risks make our electrical corridor surveys instrumental in sustaining efficient electrical infrastructure. Explore our electrical corridor survey projects to witness how Cook Surveying & Associates plays a pivotal role in powering communities and industries.

• Springville Substation and Transmission Line Survey

• Utah Dry Creek Substation Design Survey

• Page Electric Power line Centerline Survey

• Denver-Rock Springs Mainline power pole route Survey

• Eagle Mountain Substation and Transmission Line Survey

• Nephi City Power 46kv Line Upgrade

• Bridger Power Plant Survey

Our drone mapping projects

Our drone mapping projects exemplify the convergence of cutting-edge technology and surveying expertise. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), we capture high-resolution aerial imagery and terrain data to create detailed maps for a variety of applications. These projects offer a unique perspective, providing valuable insights for industries such as construction, land development, and environmental management. By harnessing the power of drones, we enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in data collection. Our drone mapping services are not just about capturing imagery; they’re about transforming data into actionable information that drives informed decision-making. Explore our drone mapping projects to witness how Cook Surveying & Associates leverages this innovative technology to unlock new possibilities for our clients.

• Mercur Mine Reclamation (Barrick Gold)

• ICDG: Chimacum Washington Transmission Line As-Built Mapping

• Dominion Energy – ML 48 Pipeline Corridor Design

• Existing Ground Topography Surveys

Our hydrographic surveying projects

Our hydrographic surveying projects are dedicated to exploring the depths beneath bodies of water, from serene ponds to dynamic riverbeds and expansive lake bottoms. We employ state-of-the-art equipment, including Real-Time Kinematic Differential Global Positioning Systems (RTK-DGPS) and advanced sonar technology, to provide highly accurate vertical and horizontal data. These surveys play a critical role in environmental assessment, infrastructure development, and navigation planning. By meticulously mapping the underwater terrain, our hydrographic surveys offer a comprehensive understanding of aquatic environments, enabling informed decisions for various projects. Dive into our hydrographic surveying projects to witness how Cook Surveying & Associates unlocks the secrets hidden beneath the water’s surface, contributing to sustainable development and resource management.

• Williams Northwest Pipeline Green River Crossing Survey

• Williams Northwest Pipeline White River Crossing Survey

• Questar Pipeline Bear River Crossing Survey

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