Our Industry & Safety Associations

At Cook Surveying & Associates, we firmly believe that collaboration is at the heart of progress and excellence. As a testament to this belief, we actively engage with both industry and safety associations to foster partnerships that drive innovation, safety, and the highest standards of professionalism in our fields.

Industry Associations

In our Industry Associations, we prioritize staying informed and remaining at the forefront of industry trends by closely partnering with professional organizations. This ensures we’re well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We also have a strong commitment to embracing and promoting industry best practices, harnessing collective knowledge to consistently deliver exceptional service. Furthermore, through these invaluable associations, we gain unique insights into cutting-edge technologies that significantly enhance the precision and efficiency of our surveying, engineering, and safety services.

Safety Associations

In our Safety Associations, safety takes precedence as a core value at Cook Surveying & Associates. Through our safety association partnerships, we are driven to continually enhance our safety protocols, ensuring the utmost protection for our team and clients alike. This commitment extends to rigorous regulatory compliance, where we maintain strict adherence to safety regulations and standards, guided by the resources and expertise offered by these associations. Furthermore, our dedication to safety is bolstered by a commitment to ongoing learning and training, enabling us to stay at the forefront of safety advancements in our industry

• IsNetworld Members

• Pipeline Consortium Members

• VeriForce Members

• NCCER Members

• Averetta

• National Compliance Management Services, Inc

• Operator Qualification Solutions Group

(OQSG) Members

• Pipeline Safety Awareness